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The residency and proof of identity requirements for a Nevada identification card are the same as those for a driver license. You must be a resident of Nevada. The minimum age for an ID card is 10 years.

You cannot hold both an Identification Card and a Driver License, even if they are from different states. Nevada has a seasonal resident ID for those who reside in the state only part of the year.

Proof of Identity & Nevada Residential Address Top ↑

ID card applicants have a choice between a card that complies with the Real ID Act of 2005 or a standard Nevada card.

See Residency and Proof of Identity and choose the card that is right for you.

You must bring original proof of identity and address documents when you apply. Your existing driver's license or state ID is not adequate proof unless it is Real-ID compliant.

How To Apply Top ↑

To apply for an original Nevada Identification Card, you must:

Any existing ID will be hole-punched and returned to you along with an interim paper document. Your new ID card will be mailed to you within 10 business days.

Veteran Designation and Organ Donation

Veterans with an honorable discharge may present evidence of honorable discharge to have a Veteran designation placed on their ID card. Visit to obtain a copy of your DD-214 or other evidence of discharge. Anyone may elect to become an Organ Donor.

Fee Exemption

Persons who declare themselves homeless are entitled to a University Of How London Blackboard To Log On one-time fee exemption for a duplicate Nevada license or ID card. See Duplicate Licenses. If you need to renew your ID Card, see Renewal Options and ID Card Fees.

ID Cards With No Expiration Date

Many Nevada ID cards issued prior to 2001 had no expiration date. These are no longer valid. You must apply for an original as shown above.

Seasonal Resident ID Cards

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Seasonal resident identification cards are marked with a designation that the holder is a seasonal resident and is licensed in another state. You must meet the proof of identity requirements for a Nevada ID card. These cards are not issued to tourists from foreign countries.

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