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Mobile Age Verification

For security or servers on the move, IDVisor Smart & IDVisor Smart Plus ensure easy & quick scanning

Stationary Age Verification

AgeVisor Touch is the perfect ID scanner for bars or point-of-sale

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IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus

With over 50 forensic checks, fake IDs don’t stand a chance

Form Filling

Products Products Dingofakes – Easy, fast and accurate automatic form filling with IDWedgeKB & IDWedgePro

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Leaders in ID Scanner technology since 1998

Welcome to, the most complete resource available for ID Scanner technology for your business. We develop, create and sell the most advanced age verification, forensic ID validation and automated data capture devices on the market that can be used to give your business data input and validation confidence with almost any form of state or military identification cards in the US or Canada.

Age Verification


Fake ID Detection


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IDVisor Sync: Multi-Scanner Networking

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Introducing the IDVisor Sync SaaS Networking Solution

IDVisor Sync provides networking software and host management services for ID Scanners that scan drivers licenses at various entry points or separate venues to verify customer age, update visitor history and authorize entry across your entire footprint.  We’ve developed the sync technology and provide network host management services to help clients manage their network of handheld and desktop ID scanners.

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The world of security and ID detection technology is ever advancing, with new features and approaches coming out frequently. Be the first to know, and always be up to date on how to best secure your retail business.


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